How to Sell a Horse Quickly and to a Good Owner

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How to Sell a Horse Quickly and to a Good Owner

Are you looking to sell a horse? Read on to learn how to sell a horse quickly and to a good owner.

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It can be hard to sell a horse in today’s market. In fact, numerous horses have been abandoned by their owners or sold as meat because it’s easier than rehoming them.

This should never be a horse’s fate. While finding the perfect home for your horse may feel like a challenge, it simply takes a bit of know-how when putting together your listing and having a modern strategy for getting the word out.

Thankfully, we live in an age where it’s easy to get your listing in front of a vast audience. Read on to learn how to sell a horse fast and feel good about your horse’s new home with our expert tips.

How to Sell a Horse Fast to a Great Owner

There are 3 elements to selling a horse: content, marketing, and engagement. You’ll want to produce a strong listing which appeals to your target buyer, whether it’s a first-time horse owner or a veteran equestrian. Then you need to get it in front of interested eyes.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it, as well as what to do if you aren’t getting the results.

Be Honest in Your Listing

While it may be tempting to paint your horse as the best there ever was, its imperative not to be misleading in your listing. Your horse is perfect for someone just the way he or she is, but to find the right match you need to paint a clear picture.

Be clear about your horse’s strengths and weaknesses. If there are prior injuries or health issues, make them known. Finding the right match for your horse takes a strong level of transparency.

Be clear in what level of experience is best with the horse your selling and what his or her temperament is like. While you may worry these details will dissuade certain buyers, you’re really just weeding out those who aren’t a good fit.

Put Their Best Hoof Forward with Stunning Photos

As the old saying goes, pictures say a thousand words. Make sure your photos of the horse you are selling are saying the right ones. Clean and groom the horse prior to taking photos, and aim for a setting which is well lit.

Aim for a stance on level ground demonstrating your horse’s conformation and color. A face looking calm and alert is best. You can hire a professional photographer or take the photos yourself.

Just make sure they’re high quality. While you don’t want a photoshopped mare or stud, don’t be afraid to show off your horse’s finer features. These are their selling points.

Be Thorough in Your Description

Those looking at your listing have likely never seen your horse in person. The more relevant information you can share, the better. This includes:

  • Breed and lineage
  • Registration (if any)
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • A clear description of markings
  • Trained disciplines
  • Competition history

Think about what you would want to know when shopping for a new equine companion. Putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes will help you distinguish what is relevant and what’s just fluff.

If you feel your bias toward your horse will influence your description, get an honest opinion. Talk to their trainer, stablehands, or anyone with experience around your horse. Their honest opinion can help you pinpoint the facts.

Be Fair in Your Pricing

This is often a hard task for those attached to the horse they’re selling. You may think he or she is worth a fortune, but you have to take a step back and evaluate them appropriately.

Think critically about your horse’s age, health, breeding, and disciplines. What would you pay for a horse of similar skill and quality? Right now it’s a buyer’s market so cater to them and be ready to negotiate if needed.

Be Active in Getting the Word Out

Once your listing is complete, it’s time to spread the word! Don’t wait for buyers to come to you – advertise!

Digital platforms are great for this. You can use social media marketing, Pay-Per-Click marketing, and email marketing to put your listing in front of the right eyes.

Word of mouth is also still a huge tool. Send along information about your horse for sale to various equestrian centers, vets, and farms in the area.

This is one of the more work-intensive aspects of selling your horse, but the more active you are in it, the quicker your horse will sell.

Be Responsive to Inquiries

When you do get an inquiry, don’t let it sit in your inbox for long. Respond quickly!

Many inquiries come from someone who is looking at numerous other listings, and the first response is more likely to get the sale. Use mobile apps, email, or other technology to stay up-to-date with inquiries and reply back in a timely manner.

Also, be accommodating toward questions. If a buyer is curious, be open with the information they’re looking for and offer to set up a visit to meet your horse if they are local.

Make it Love at First Sight

Few people will buy a horse without physically meeting them first. When these “meet and greet” moments happen, make sure your horse is prepared.

Bathe and groom your horse well before the scheduled meeting. Picture it like your horse’s first date. They should make a lasting impression and leave the buyer smitten!

Also, give your horse an opportunity to show off a little. An arena or riding demo can be a great way to acquaint the buyer with your horse, find synergy, and seal the deal.

Be Inquisitive If the Results are Underwhelming

Did you follow all the steps only to find you’re not getting inquiries or the people responding are the wrong kinds of buyers? Don’t fret.

Listing your horse is often a “trial and error” process. If you’ve had potential buyers decide not to follow through, ask them why. Get an idea of what is working and what isn’t, then adjust your listing accordingly.

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